Leadership - World Jewish Congress

כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה

"All Jews are responsible for one another"

The Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress conducts the affairs of the WJC in accordance with the decisions of the Plenary Assembly and Governing Board. The body consists of the WJC President, Vice Presidents (including, ex Officio, the presidents of the 12 largest WJC-affiliated Jewish communities, as well as representatives of other Jewish communities, international Jewish organizations, and young adults), the Governing Board Chairman, the Treasurer, the Chair and Co-Chair of the Policy Council and the Chairmen of the Regional Affiliates. The Executive meets at least twice a year.
Ronald S. Lauder Ronald S. Lauder
President, World Jewish Congress
David de Rothschild David de Rothschild
WJC Governing Board
Chella Safra Chella Safra
WJC Treasurer
Sonat Birnecker Hart Sonat Birnecker Hart
Member of the Executive
President, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps
Eli Novershtern Eli Novershtern
Member of the Executive
Chair, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps
Gad Ariely Gad Ariely
Chair, WJC Israel
WJC Vice-President (Israel)
Elias Achar Elias Achar
WJC Vice-President (WJC North America)
President, Tribuna Israelita (Mexico)
Jonathan Arkush Jonathan Arkush
Chair, WJC Task Force on Religious Freedom
Colette Avital Colette Avital
Member of the Executive
Yohan Benizri Yohan Benizri
Member of the Executive, President, Coordination Committee of the Jewish Organizations of Belgium
Jonathan Braun Jonathan Braun
WJC Vice President (WUJS)
President, World Union of Jewish Students
Mikhail Chlenov Mikhail Chlenov
Honorary Vice-President, WJC
Noemi Di Segni Noemi Di Segni
Member of the Executive
Aaron Frenkel Aaron Frenkel
WJC Vice-President (EAJC)
Hadassa Getzstain Hadassa Getzstain
Member of Executive representing Future Leadership
Saul Gilvich Saul Gilvich
WJC Vice-President (LAJC)
Robert Goot Robert Goot
Co-Chair of the WJC Policy Council
Benjamin (Bini) Guttmann Benjamin (Bini) Guttmann
Member of Executive representing Future Leadership
András Heisler András Heisler
WJC Vice-President (Hungary)
President, Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary
Francis Kalifat Francis Kalifat
WJC Vice-President (France)
President, Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France
Yuri Kanner Yuri Kanner
WJC Vice-President (Russia); President, WJC-Russian Federation; President, Russian Jewish Congress
Moshe Kantor Moshe Kantor
Chairman, WJC Policy Council
President, European Jewish Congress
Mary Kluk Mary Kluk
WJC Vice-President (South Africa); Chair, Africa & Australia Jewish Congress; President, South African Jewish Board of Deputies
Jorge Knoblovits Jorge Knoblovits
WJC Vice-President (Argentina)
President, Delegation of Argentine Jewish Associations
Saul Levine Saul Levine
WJC Vice President, International Coordinating Director, Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela
Ralph Lewin Ralph Lewin
WJC Vice President (Switzerland)
President, Swiss Federation of Jewish Communities
Claudio Lottenberg Claudio Lottenberg
WJC Vice-President (Brazil)
President, Jewish Confederation of Brazil
Boris Lozhkin Boris Lozhkin
WJC Vice-President (Ukraine)
President, Jewish Confederation of Ukraine
Rabbi Joel Meyers Rabbi Joel Meyers
Chairman, WJC American Section
WJC Vice-President
Boris Mints Boris Mints
WJC Vice President
Michael Mirilashvili Michael Mirilashvili
EuroAsian Jewish Congress
Esther Mor Esther Mor
WJC Vice-President (WIZO)
President, Women's International Zionist Organization
Ariel Muzicant Ariel Muzicant
WJC Vice President (EJC)
Yaron Nadbornik Yaron Nadbornik
WJC Vice President (Finland), President, Central Council of Finnish Jewish Communities
God Nisanov God Nisanov
WJC Vice-President
Alexander Oscar Alexander Oscar
WJC Vice President (Bulgaria), President, Organization of the Jews in Bulgaria “Shalom”
Petr Papousek Petr Papousek
WJC Vice-President (Czechia)
President, Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic
Marcos Peckel Marcos Peckel
Member of the Executive
Marc Pozniak Marc Pozniak
Member of Executive representing Future Leadership
Joel Reitman Joel Reitman
WJC Vice President (Canada)
Co-Chair, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
Moshe Ronen Moshe Ronen
Member of the Executive
Menachem Rosensaft Menachem Rosensaft
General Counsel and Associate Executive Vice President
Jeffrey Rosenthal Jeffrey Rosenthal
WJC Vice President (Canada)
Co-Chair, Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs
Rabbi Arthur Schneier Rabbi Arthur Schneier
Honorary Vice-President
Josef Schuster Josef Schuster
WJC Vice-President (Germany)
President, Central Council of Jews in Germany
Gil Segal Gil Segal
WJC Vice President (WJC-Israel)
Jillian Segal Jillian Segal
WJC Vice-President (Australia)
President, Executive Council of Australian Jewry.
Evelyn Sommer Evelyn Sommer
WJC North America
Maram Stern Maram Stern
Executive Vice President
Jack Terpins Jack Terpins
President, Latin American Jewish Congress
Marie van de Zyl Marie van de Zyl
WJC Vice-President (United Kingdom)
President, Board of Deputies of British Jews
Sara Winkowski Sara Winkowski
WJC Vice-President (ICJW)
Representative, International Council of Jewish Women
Josef Zissels Josef Zissels
WJC Vice-President (Ukraine)