World Jewish Congress

Supporting Israel

Since the October 7th terrorist attacks against Israel, we have intensified our efforts to defend the Jewish state in the hallways of the United Nations in New York to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, and around the globe, WJC advocates for Israel. When Israel is under attack from terrorist organizations in the international community, WJC advocates for Israel on behalf of Jews around the world. Israel is central to contemporary Jewish identity as the embodiment of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination. As a beacon of democracy and innovation in a volatile region, Israel not only safeguards the Jewish people but also contributes to global progress in fields such as technology, medicine, and humanitarian aid.

Our commitment to supporting Israel goes beyond politics, fostering cultural exchange and economic cooperation while strengthening bonds between Jewish communities worldwide and Israel. In today’s polarized world and with rising antisemitism, it’s crucial for us to unite and face these challenges together. Through dialogue, education, and solidarity initiatives, WJC ensures Israel's security, prosperity, and rightful place among nations.

What we’re doing  

Firmly recognizing the centrality of the State of Israel to contemporary Jewish identity as the embodiment of the Jewish people’s right to self-determination, the WJC will continue to advocate at national and international levels in support of the legitimate right of Israel as the Jewish State to exist equally among the community of states in peace, security, stability, and prosperity. Several Jewish communities face direct security threats and an infected political climate based on undue criticism and aggression aimed at Israel, its government, and institutions. The WJC addresses such challenges as part of its vision to safeguard the interests of its over 100 affiliated communities and works to strengthen the bonds between Jews in the Diaspora and Israel and Israeli society. In addition, WJC promotes a negotiated solution between Israel and the Palestinians based on a two-state model and condemns all forms of terrorism against the State of Israel and its people. 

WJC’s Israel Council on Foreign Relations (ICFR) is a non-partisan forum for the study and debate of foreign policy operating under the auspices of the World Jewish Congress. It is a multidisciplinary institution, established on the model of the New York Council on Foreign Relations and the British Chatham House.  

ICFR aspires to stimulate public awareness of world events and insightful discussion of foreign policy issues, particularly regarding Israel, international Jewish affairs, and the Middle East, and serves as a forum for the exchange of perspectives in the diplomatic, academic, and media communities. The ICFR cooperates with other councils or institutes of international affairs in various parts of the world. 

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