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WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps In The Time of Covid-19

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps is fully committed to supporting Jewish communities across the globe, as they confront unprecedented challenges caused by this global crisis.


The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps is the flagship program of the World Jewish Congress, under the vision and leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. This program empowers the new generations of outstanding Jewish leaders. We are a highly selective worldwide network of over 300 Jewish young professionals from 50 countries receiving opportunities, experience, and skills to impact Jewish interests through diplomacy and public policy.

Our objective is to represent and strengthen the Jewish communities, ensuring their strong voice in global aff¬airs today - and for decades to come. WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps activities focus on advocacy on WJC core topics such as combating antisemitism, supporting Israel, protecting Holocaust legacy, strengthening Jewish unity, as well as safeguarding human rights and minority rights.

The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps can be contacted at office@jdcorps.org


Recent activities conducted by the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps and its members

NAACP President Derrick Johnson in address to WJC JDCorps: ‘Don’t let outside influence break us apart’

The legacy of Jewish communities across the Middle East and North Africa

WJC @ Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality

WJC @ UNHRC Forum on Minority Issues: Online hate speech

WJC @ UNHRC: Hamas' human rights abuses against women and children  

WJC @ UNHRC: Hate speech and antisemitism during COVID-19

Sukkot - Continuing Jewish Holiday Traditions During COVID-19  

In Halle, Germany, WJC convenes Jewish leaders one year after Yom Kippur attack to urge action against antisemitism

The Sermons: A WJC High Holidays Initiative

WJC commemorates 25 years since Srebrenica Genocide, supports efforts to mark 11 July as Remembrance Day

WJC hosts Zoom IDF briefing for Jewish communities

WJC hosts forum for Special Envoys & Coordinators Combating Antisemitism (SECCA)

WJC JDCorps moderates WJC Yom Hashoah commemorative ceremony

Chicago distillery co-founded and run by WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps President Sonat Birnecker Hart to provide hand santizer amid coronavirus crisis

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges world to remain active in fight against antisemitism

Amid surge of antisemitism over Hanukkah, WJC takes to social media to #SpreadLight

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges UNHRC to abolish 'discriminatory and anti-Israel agenda Item immediately'

WJC Jewish Diplomat calls on UNHRC to protect Christians in the Middle East

WJC Jewish Diplomat calls on UNHRC to protect Jewish communities from violent hate groups

WJC Jewish Diplomat at UNHRC: Forces of hate are on the rise again

WJC Jewish Diplomat urges UNHRC to take action against the execution of juveniles in Iran

WJC Jewish Diplomat to UNHRC: It’s time for all nations to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist group

WJC Jewish Diplomat to UNHRC: Hamas understands that their aggression against Israel will be eagerly supported by this body

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps delegation arrives in San Diego to mourn with local community: “We are one global community and we must protect each other”

Central Council of Jews in Germany to WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps: The past won’t determine our future

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps in Berlin: Advocating for Jewish rights worldwide

German state secretary tells WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps: Item 7 of UNHRC is antisemitic


40 new members of WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps inducted in New York


WJC Jewish Diplomat at the UNHRC: Anti-Zionism is a politically correct disguise of traditional antisemitism to attack the Jewish people


WJC Jewish Diplomat to UNHRC: Council is accomplice in Hamas’ cynical and criminal mass exploitation of Palestinian child soldiers


WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps gathers in Montevideo for induction training


WJC Jewish Diplomat urges the UN Human Rights Council to condemn the discrimination against Israeli athletes


WJC Jewish Diplomat at UNHRC: This Council must take serious actions to fight the scourge of antisemitism


WJC Jewish Diplomat condemns persecution based on religious beliefs, sexual orientation or skin pigmentation at the UNHRC


WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps welcomes Britain's outright ban of Hezbollah


WJC Jewish Diplomat at UK event: We must not stop speaking about the Holocaust


WJC Jewish Diplomat in Armenia: Israeli resilience following the Holocaust is a key factor to its success as a nation


WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps in Moscow: Advocating for Jewish rights worldwide


WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps visits Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies throughout Moscow


WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps official visit to Moscow City Duma

Recent op-eds published by WJC Jewish Diplomats

Recognizing Srebrenica Genocide: The moral imperative of ‘Never Again | Vladimir Andrle

New Holocaust memorial unveiled in Germany: Abandoned suitcases filled with empty dreams | Micky Fuhrmann

Every step a prayer for the refugee | Oleg Ivanov

The world failed in Bosnia 25 years ago. We cannot turn a blind eye again | Phil Rosenberg

Passover, in the Persian tradition | Dr. Efrat Sopher

Passover, in the Indian tradition | Jacqueline Solomon

Is there a future for Jews in Germany?

Les Jewish Diplomats du Congrès Juif Mondial en visite officielle à Berlin – CRIF.org (French)

Advocating for Jewish rights – Arutz Sheva

The Yellow Vest Movement should serve as a wake-up call for antisemitism in France – CRIF.org (English & French)


Hamas’ ‘March of Return’ is not a peaceful protest – Jewish News (UK)


Hezbollah, el nombre del terror - Semanario Hebreo Jai (Spanish)


Time to designate the entirety of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization - The Jerusalem Post


All countries which profess to be law abiding democracies must vehemently condemn Hezbollah’s action - The Jewish Chronicle


Hezbollah: Qu'est ce qu'on attend? - CRIF.org (French)


The man who made genocide a crime - The Canadian Jewish News


Les jeunes du Congrès juif mondial s'engagent lors la conférence internationale contre l'antisémitisme - CRIF.org (French)


World Jewish Congress in Moscow: Advocating for Jewish rights worldwide - STMEGI (Russian & English)


Lessons from Moscow: Five ways to tackle antisemitism heads-on - Arutz Sheva


The path from words to action following Pittsburgh attack - The Jerusalem Post

Recent international conferences with the participation of members of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps

United Nations, General Assembly, New York

United Nations, Human Rights Council, Geneva

Organisation of American States, General Assembly, Cancun

World Peace Forum, Jakarta, Indonesia

Muslim Jewish Conference, Sarajevo

International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists, seminar on digital antisemitism, Vienna

International Council of Christians and Jews, conference, Bonn

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, seminar on hate speech on the internet, Jerusalem

Council of Young Jewish Presidents, meeting of the development program, New York

IAF Chairman’s Conference, Jerusalem

Child Dignity Congress, Vatican City

World Summit on Counter-terrorism, Herzliya

IHRA Panel on Holocaust Remembrance and Education, Washington

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps internal meetings

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Special Mission to Israel, Jerusalem - Haifa - Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, Washington D.C.

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, Paris

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps participation at the ICFR European-Israeli Diplomatic Forums, Israel

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, New York

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee and Staff Retreat, Israel

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Israel Social Event, Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Regional Meeting, London

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Working Breakfast, Tel Aviv

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps participation at the WJC Herzl Gala Dinner, New York

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder presents his vision of Jewish leadership at the WJC-JDCorps Global Summit in Basel, Switzerland in November, 2016

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