World Jewish Congress

Interfaith Dialogue

Strongly committed to peacebuilding and undermining all forms of hatred around the world, interfaith dialogue has always been at the core of WJC. By bringing religious and political leaders together, empowering the youth, and establishing long-lasting coalitions with local and global partners such the Holy See and the Muslim World League, WJC actively works to build bridges of understanding among peoples and set the stage for peace to emerge.

What we’re doing  

Representing over 100 diverse Jewish communities around the world, WJC is uniquely positioned to build bridges of understanding and establish relationships of mutual respect. With its long successful history of involvement in interreligious dialogue, WJC partners with Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist leaders to combat hatred and build coalitions supporting democracy, and freedom of religion.

On the local and international level, WJC is leading the charge building meaningful and impactful relationship with leaders from other religious groups.

The global leader in interfaith engagement, WJC cultivates respected and respectful alliances at the highest levels of national and international religious leadership. Through our partnerships we bigotry and build bridges of understanding. Our advocacy emerges from Jewish values and principles, which we hold deer.

Representing the Jewish people around the world at interfaith meetings in churches, mosques, temples, and seminaries, WJC brings Judaism and the Jewish people to life.

Our Resolutions