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Yonathan Arfi

Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France and WJC Vice-President

Yonathan Arfi is the President of the Representative Council of the French Jewish institutions (CRIF). He was elected by the CRIF General Assembly on June 26, 2022.

Raised in a traditionalist Sephardic family from Algeria and Morocco, Yonathan Arfi has always combined Jewish values ​​and French universalist values.

The spirit of resistance of his great-uncle Alfred Nakache, Olympic swimmer and Holocaust survivor, nicknamed the "swimmer of Auschwitz", left a lasting mark on his personal construction.

Like many Jews of his generation, his peaceful identity came up against the antisemitic wave at the turn of the 2000s during the Second Intifada. He then became a militant Jew against antisemitism and a committed citizen.

He first chaired as President of UEJF from 2003 to 2005 and became a member of the CRIF General Assembly from 2001. He then joined the CRIF Executive Board in 2007 and became chairman of the international relations Commission.

Since 2014, Yonathan Arfi was CRIF Vice-President. Among many things, he was notably in charge of the CRIF Convention, an annual space for meetings and debates at the crossroads of the Jewish community and French society as a whole.

Yonathan Arfi is the father of three children.



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