Dr. Andor Grósz - World Jewish Congress

Dr. Andor Grósz

WJC Vice-President (Hungary)
President, Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary

Born in Győr in 1951, he was raised in a traditional Jewish family that held dear the values of dignity, honor, hard work, respect for others, and the importance of belonging to the Jewish community.  


He completed his high school education at Révai Miklós Gymnasium in Győr, then pursued his university studies in aviation medicine at the General Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy in Saint Petersburg, earning his diploma in 1977. For over four decades, from 1970 to 2013, he served in various medical military positions in the Hungarian Defence Forces, culminating in his role as the Director-General of the Military Hospital in Budapest.


He retired from service in 2013 as a medical brigadier general and the chief medical officer of the Hungarian Defence Forces. In 2000, he was a founding member of the Department of Aviation and Space Medicine at the University of Szeged. By 2010, he had been appointed a professor, possessing three medical specialties and a PhD degree.


He currently serves as an ophthalmologist at the MAZSIHISZ Charity Hospital and, since 2015, has chaired the Board of Trustees of the Holocaust Documentation Center and Memorial Collection Public Foundation. He was elected as the President of the Jewish Community of Kecskemét in 1990 and has been a member of the MAZSIHISZ General Assembly ever since.


A widower and a father to two daughters, he is also an integral part of the Jewish school community in Wesselényi Street where his younger daughter is currently studying, while his elder daughter is working at the Institute of Military History.

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