Claudio Epelman - World Jewish Congress

Claudio Epelman

Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, WJC Commissioner for Interreligious Dialogue & WJC Representative to the Holy See

Claudio Epelman is the Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, regional branch of the World Jewish Congress, and Commissioner for interreligious dialogue &  Representative to the Holy See of the World Jewish Congress.

Epelman is a member of the Advisory forum of KAICIID, Vice Moderator of the Executive Committee of the Latin American and Caribbean Council of Religious Leaders, and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) and Co – President of Religion for Peace.

He promotes Jewish and Muslim dialogue, and building bridges with the Catholic community. Epelman also represents the Jewish Communities of Latin America at meetings with heads of state, and at international forums like the UN, OAS, OSCE, World Economic Forum.

Epelman is also responsible for actively promoting the incorporation and participation of young people in the political actions of Jewish communities, forming them to be the leadership of the future.

The Government of Argentina awarded Epelman a recognition in 2007 for his valuable work in the interfaith field.

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