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WJC Israel


World Jewish Congress - Israel preserves and develops ties between the Jewish communities in the Diaspora and Israel. Its leadership, under the chairmanship of Shai Hermesh, comprises representatives of the Jewish and Zionist parties in the Knesset. WJC-Israel works together with the Israeli government and Jewish organizations worldwide to fight the delegitimization of Israel in the legal realm, as well as in the media and diplomatic arena. It also works to promote interfaith dialogue, especially with Christian communities in both Israel and abroad on the shared principles of justice, peace and liberty.

Latin American Jewish Congress

The Latin American Jewish Congress is the first and largest organization to unify the dispersed Jewish communities of Latin America, serving 21 countries. Under the leadership of its president, Jack Terpins, the LAJC oversees the wellbeing of its affiliated communities, keeping Jewish tradition alive in Latin America’s smaller communities. The LAJC has made significant efforts in combating terrorism and anti-Semitism and nurturing dialogue with other faiths. The LAJC headquarters is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

WJC North America


World Jewish Congress - North America is chaired by Evelyn Sommer and operates out of the WJC American Section in New York City. The WJC-NA maintains positive relations with US, Canadian, and Mexican congressmen, coordinating advocacy efforts directed at governments, regional and international organizations, and civil society. The WJC-NA briefs United Nations ambassadors on issues of common concern, ensuring the Jewish voice is considered in international summits.

Euro-Asian Jewish Congress

The Euro-Asian Jewish Congress, headed by Mikhail Mirilashvili, promotes unity among the Jewish people and renders necessary assistance to ensure the continuation of Jewish learning and development of spiritual life in the Euro-Asian countries. The EAJC has the special role of helping Holocaust survivors and their families secure compensation and restore illegally confiscated property.

European Jewish Congress

The European Jewish Congress, based in Brussels with offices Paris and Strasbourg, is the only political organization that protects and represents the interests of the united European Jewry. Headed by Moshe Kantor, the EJC contributes to European democratic society by monitoring legislative initiates that can damage Jewish life, combats rising anti-Semitism in Europe, and promotes justice, equality, and understanding between religious groups.

Affiliated Organizations