Leadership - World Jewish Congress

כל ישראל ערבים זה בזה

"All Jews are responsible one to another"

Yfat Barak-Cheney Yfat Barak-Cheney
Director Legal Affairs; Director, International Affairs; WJC Representative to the UN; Director, Technology and Human Rights
Shahar Azran Shahar Azran
Special Advisor, Director of Visual Arts
Bonnie Biondi Bonnie Biondi
Director of Major Gifts, Development Department
Anna Bokshitskaya Anna Bokshitskaya
WJC Representative in the Russian Federation
Tamara Braunstein Tamara Braunstein
Senior Manager, Executive Office
Isaac Choua Isaac Choua
Middle East & North Africa Communities Liaison, World Jewish Congress
Global Interfaith Lead | Manager Americas, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps
Maya Cimeša Samokovlija Maya Cimeša Samokovlija
Executive Director Community Relations, WJC Representative in South - Eastern Europe
Michal Cohen Michal Cohen
Digital Advocacy & NextGen Communications Coordinator
Sol Dabbah Sol Dabbah
Director of Content, Latin American Jewish Congress
Tirza Dévald Tirza Dévald
Events and Projects Assistant
Rotem David Rotem David
Combating Antisemitism Unit Manager
Claudio Epelman Claudio Epelman
Executive Director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, WJC Commissioner for Interreligious Dialogue & WJC Representative to the Holy See
Randi Dubno Randi Dubno
Chief Development Officer
WJC American Section
Betty Ehrenberg Betty Ehrenberg
Executive Director
WJC North America
WJC American Section
David Frankel David Frankel
Chief Financial Officer
Viktor Eichner Viktor Eichner
WJC Jewish Diplomatic CorpsManager - Europe
Frank Fischer Frank Fischer
Director of Security, Director of Human Relations
Sara Friedman Sara Friedman
Chief Marketing Officer
Jacob Fishman Jacob Fishman
Communications Manager
Coordinator, Executive Office
Danilo Gelman Danilo Gelman
Chief Operating Officer, Latin American Jewish Congress & Head of Security, CT and Crisis Management Programs
Ariel Grosman Ariel Grosman
Antisemitism and Discrimination Analyst, Latin American Jewish Congress
Julie Hazan Julie Hazan
Director of Marketing
Yoni Hammerman Yoni Hammerman
Director, WJC NextGen; Deputy Director, WJC Elevate
Ernest Herzog Ernest Herzog
Head of Combating Antisemitism, Intelligence & Security; Executive Director, Operations
Máté Holler Máté Holler
Coordinator, WJC Elevate
Petra Kahn Nord Petra Kahn Nord
WJC Representative in the Nordics and Religious Freedom Task Force Coordinator
Lenka Jiroutová Lenka Jiroutová
Director of Events
Viktorija Jusė Viktorija Jusė
Project Manager, European External Projects
HR Manager, Europe
Veronica Kordmany Veronica Kordmany
Communications Assistant
Natalia Krañasky Natalia Krañasky
Chief Financial Officer, Latin American Jewish Congress,
Dany Levin Prist Dany Levin Prist
European Affairs Manager
Mark Levin Mark Levin
Advisor, Washington DC Office
Jessica Lewin Jessica Lewin
Senior Research Analyst, Combating Antisemitism Team
András Ligeti András Ligeti
Director Community Relations, WJC Representative Central Europe
Marija Ljubinkovic Marija Ljubinkovic
Researcher, Combating Antisemitism Team
Hannah Maman Hannah Maman
Associate, World Jewish Congress in the Institute of Technology and Human Rights
Ruth Mancuso Ruth Mancuso
Staff Accountant
John Malkinson John Malkinson
Chief Operating Officer
Susan Manoukis Susan Manoukis
Director of Database and Donor Services
Ariel Markowitz Ariel Markowitz
WJC Controller
Morgan Meldrum Morgan Meldrum
Chief Technology Officer
David Meluskey David Meluskey
Director, Political Affairs
Gabriel Mayer-Heft Gabriel Mayer-Heft
ICFR Associate Fellow, IJFA Associate Editor
Ornit Michael Ornit Michael
New York Office & Events Manager, HR Manager North America
Isabella Nespoli Isabella Nespoli
Director, Interfaith Relations
Mladen Petrov Mladen Petrov
Director of Social Media
Daniel Radomski Daniel Radomski
Head of WJC Strategy & Programs, Executive Director, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps
Denise Romano Denise Romano
Director of Community Affairs, Latin American Jewish Congress
Lauren Rose Lauren Rose
Executive Director, Executive Office
Gabriel Rosenberg Gabriel Rosenberg
Deputy Director, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps
Menachem Rosensaft Menachem Rosensaft
General Counsel Emeritus
Leon Saltiel Leon Saltiel
Director of Diplomacy, Representative at UN Geneva and UNESCO, and Coordinator on Countering Antisemitism
Rebecca Schneider Rebecca Schneider
NextGen Manager
Maram Stern Maram Stern
Executive Vice President
Ariel Seidler Ariel Seidler
Program Director, Latin American Jewish Congress (LAJC)
Yvette Shumacher Yvette Shumacher
Deputy Director General, Israel Council on Foreign Relations
Deputy Editor, Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs
Senior Editor, WJC Communications
Arianne Swieca Arianne Swieca
Deputy Director of Social Media
Delia Tzifas Delia Tzifas
Development Assistant
Dr. Laurence Weinbaum Dr. Laurence Weinbaum
WJC Representative in Israel, Chief Editor, Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs
Alberto Wakrat Alberto Wakrat
LAJC representative in Uruguay
Jennifer Walsh Jennifer Walsh
Director of Direct Mail, Development Department
Cory Weiss Cory Weiss
Executive Director of Communications Strategy
Michael Whine Michael Whine
Senior Consultant
Oranit Wiener Oranit Wiener
Deputy WJC Representative in Israel, Deputy Director General WJC Israel, HR Manager Israel
Ariel Wolman Ariel Wolman
Press Officer, Latin American Jewish Congress
Janice Wolpo Janice Wolpo
Campaign Relations and Communications, Development Department
Elizaveta Zaidman Elizaveta Zaidman
International Relations Officer
WJC NextGen Manager - Diplomacy
Linzee Zalta Linzee Zalta
NextGen Manager
Michelle Zeitz Michelle Zeitz
Senior Accountant