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Diplomatic Initiatives

The World Jewish Congress provides our members with unparalleled opportunities to grow and develop their skill sets, and to engage across several groups of stakeholders in diplomacy, politics, civil society, and international affairs. Our goal is to support the Jewish communities worldwide, by sharing our members' impressive professional capabilities, as well as to contribute through long-term leadership roles. These members of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps are experts on issues of concern to world Jewry, such as antisemitism and hate crimes, Israel, Holocaust legacy, Jewish community life, interfaith relations, and much more.

Our members play a tremendous role in our global network's ability to affect real change by advocating on behalf of Jewish communities worldwide on the diplomatic stage.

The World Jewish Congress at the UNHRC

The WJC has been actively engaged for many years with the UN and its affiliated agencies, both in Geneva and New York, and has been an outspoken critic of the Council’s discriminatory actions. Since 2015, the World Jewish Congress has given more than 100 statements at the UNHRC in Geneva, advocating for human rights, the prioritization of Council’s role in combating antisemitism, and calling for the Council to abolish its biased and anti-Israel agenda item 7.