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WJC Elevate Stands with Israel
WJC Elevate swiftly mobilized to create a range of resources and taken immediate action following October 7.
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WJC Elevate Representatives Speak Out In Defense of Israel
WJC Elevate members are addressing the global media, with the aim of ensuring accurate, timely information about the conflict reaches the international community.
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Advocacy Toolbox: Fight Hate with Facts
WJC created this page to help you tackle challenging conversations and delve into topics affecting Jewish people globally.
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Bridging the Israel-Diaspora Gap
Today, it is crucial that the Jewish people come together to foster Jewish unity and face our common challenges together.
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Speakers Bureau
A global network filled with outstanding public speakers from multiple regions and can speak in various languages on our core topics.
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Our Guide to Understanding the Jewish People
Regardless of the individual reasons, Jewish pride is a powerful and meaningful expression of one's connection to a unique and enduring cultural and spiritual tradition.
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The World Jewish Congress at the UNHRC
Learn how WJC and JDs advocates at the UN Human Rights Council against the disproportionate bias against Israel. .
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Powered by the World Jewish Congress, Atidenu aims to support Jewish community organizations in the formulation and implementation of strategies to address current and future organizational needs.
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Jews From the Middle East and North Africa
Take a glimpse into the history and legacy of Jewish communities across the Middle East and North Africa.
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Celebrating: Tu biShvat 2023 | 5783
For generations, the Jewish tradition and teachings have discussed the importance of a healthy environment and have been outspoken in favor of preserving the earth.
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Tune in to our WebTalks to hear the latest about the issues impacting the Jewish world.
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About the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps

The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps (WJC JDCorps), under the vision and leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, empowers the new generations of outstanding Jewish leaders.

We are a highly selective worldwide network of over 400 members, ages 27 and up, from 60 countries receiving opportunities, experience, and skills with the objective of supporting our local Jewish communities and impacting global Jewish interests through diplomacy and public policy.

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WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the program’s advisory board as representatives of all WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps regions.

Eli Novershtern

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps President

Dr. Sonat Binecker-Hart

Jewish Diplomatic Corps Chair

Gabriel Buznick

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

Ariel Krok

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

Amichai Wise

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

Tamara Fathi

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

Yariv Nornberg

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

Alana Frances Baranov

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

Dr. Efrat Sopher

Member, WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps Steering Committee

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Not 27 yet?

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps programs are for individuals aged 27 and up. High school and university students, members of Jewish student union, and recent graduates are encouraged to learn about WJC NextGen.