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WJC JDCorps Writers’ Bureau

Supporting Jewish Communities Across The Globe

Dr. Efraim Chalamish

Where individual peace meets community renewal

Nathan Joel

Shavuot 2020 | Bound in Jewish unity, across time and space

Alexi Kelaty

Shavuot in the time of COVID-19: United as Jews - and as global citizens

Dr. Efrat Sopher (UK)

Published an article on “Passover, in the Persian tradition”

Jacqueline Solomon (Israel)

Published an article on “Passover, in the Indian tradition”

Oleg Ivanov

Every step a prayer for the refugee 

Sara Galico

Remembering the Jews from the Middle East and North Africa

Aaron Serota

Jews from Middle East and North Africa: A neglected narrative

Zack Silverberg

Expelled: The untold story of a Middle Eastern and North African experience

Gila Baumoehl

Let the memory of the Srebrenica Genocide serve as a call to action against hatred

Vladimir Andrle

Recognizing Srebrenica Genocide: The moral imperative of ‘Never Again’

Judt Illes

Countering the erosion of Holocaust memory 76 years later

Tomas D. Mojo

Auschwitz wasn’t built in a day

Marcos Roca

Our shared human fraternity against racism and extremism

Andrea Mifano

The expulsion of Jews from Arab countries and Iran – an untold history

Ariel Krok

#WeRemember, a memory goal!