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Remaining engaged during this trying time is critical. With the closing of schools and institutions and much of the world practicing social distancing, the World Jewish Congress will be rolling out a number of new virtual programs designed to ensure that activists working from home have a steady stream of timely educational and enriching content about the issues that they care about.

Each week the World Jewish Congress invites a different guest to join us on Facebook Live to talk about a wide range of issues including the United Nations’ fight against antisemitism, the latest from the field of Holocaust education, Israel’s battle to end the bias at the Human Rights Council, the effects of COVID-19 on Jewish communities around the world, and more.

Previous Installments of WJC WebTalks

Priorities of Greece's IHRA presidency

International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Chair Ambassador Chris Lazaris of Greece discusses Greece’s aspirations during their upcoming tenure leading the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance.

22 April 2021

The Holocaust in North Africa: A Yom Hashoah Event

Professor Brian K. Roby, Assistant Professor of Judaic and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Michigan discusses the Jewish experience in North Africa during the Holocaust.

06 April 2021

The Power You Hold: How a Student Built an International Summit

WJC Ronald S. Lauder Fellow Aidan Golub of Harvard University reflects on overseeing the implementation of an international conference dedicated to shifting the conversation surrounding Israel on college campuses.

18 March 2021

The Last Million: Europe's displaced persons from World War to Cold War

Professor David Nasaw discusses the gripping yet relatively hidden story of postwar displacement and statelessness following World War II. 

4 February 2021

April 2021