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Social media platforms have morphed into a breeding ground for antisemitic content, ranging from neo-Nazi conspiracies to far-left anti-Israel sentiments. Navigating this digital landscape can feel like an impossible task. We've meticulously curated a collection of concise and captivating videos, delving into subjects like campus antisemitism, Israel, the Holocaust, and more. They are ready to be effortlessly shared across your social media channels, empowering you to counter the tide of hatred and misinformation.

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Misunderstandings about the Holocaust, Jewish history, and the true nature of antisemitism pervade social media, college campuses, and daily conversations. In the face of this overwhelming misinformation, arming oneself with facts is imperative. We've curated essential resources to fortify your understanding and enable you to confidently communicate the truth.

Antisemitism – Roots of Conspiracies

Persistent antisemitic myths, such as claims that Jews control the media, politics, and economies, remain prevalent today. Manifestations of this age-old prejudice and related conspiracy theories can be found on college campuses, online, and even in textbooks. We have addressed and debunked these widespread misconceptions, tracing their historical origins.

Setting the Record Straight: Busting Myths About the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a deeply intricate geopolitical issue. Despite over 75 years of efforts by experts and global leaders to find solutions, the conflict persists and, in part because of misinformation and misconceptions, contributes to the rise of antisemitism. This page aims to debunk the myths related to one of the world's most extensively covered conflicts.

Facts About the Holocaust

Millions around the globe have pledged "Never Again" in remembrance of the six million Jewish lives lost in the Holocaust and to honor its survivors. As Holocaust denial and distortion grow and the number of survivors decreases, education becomes crucial. On this page, you will find the facts about the Holocaust and hear firsthand testimonies from those who survived.

Israel: More Than a Country

Israel is one of the most misunderstood countries in the world. But to the millions of people who live in the small Middle Eastern country, there is only one way to describe Israel—home. Immerse yourself in this multifaceted nation by through this page. 

Explainer: Comprehensive Understanding of Hamas

Delving into Hamas's intricate history, we explore its roots, its violent takeover of Gaza, and its pivotal role in shaping the intricate dynamics of the current volatile situation.

Learn About Iran's Proxy on Israel's Northern Border – A Guide to Understanding

Examining Hezbollah in depth, we explore its origins, its multifaceted influence in Lebanon's political landscape, and its pivotal role in shaping the intricate dynamics of the Middle East's current geopolitical situation.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: The Military Arm of the Iranian Regime

Learn about the IRGC's determination to target western democracies and totally disregard for international law. 

Defining Antisemitism: Why Anti-Zionism is a Form of Antisemitism

Recognizing anti-Zionism as a form of antisemitism sheds light on the modern face of prejudice. Criticizing Israeli policies is valid, but when it morphs into denying the Jewish people's right to a homeland, it often veers into antisemitic territory, targeting the very essence of Jewish identity and self-determination.

A Guide to Understanding: The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance & Defining Antisemitism

Interested in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and its Working Definition on Antisemitism? Explore our guide detailing IHRA's structure, history, and vital efforts to preserve Holocaust memory and combat antisemitism,

Debunking Misconceptions About the Definition of Antisemitism

A clear definition of antisemitism is essential for its effective counteraction. While the IHRA definition is broadly accepted by the global Jewish community, it has been subject to misinformation efforts. This section clarifies misconceptions about the IHRA definition and underscores its role in combating antisemitism.

Forgotten Sites of the Holocaust

The Holocaust typically evokes images of concentration camps, gas chambers, and crowded trains. However, it's crucial to recognize that Nazi atrocities extended to small towns, villages, and forests throughout occupied Europe. Dr. Andreas Kahrs sheds light on the lesser-known massacres of Jewish people, which were both brutal and often overlooked.

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Jewish Life on Campus During the Israel-Hamas War

Following the brutality of the terrorist attacks on October 7th, Jewish students on campus are under attack by their peers and professor. Support Jewish students facing antisemitism on campus by sending an email to university administrators voicing your concern about rising antisemitism.

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