Jewish Life on Campus During Israel-Hamas War - World Jewish Congress

Jewish Life on Campus Since October 7

Following the brutality of the terrorist attacks on October 7th, Jewish students on campus are under attack by their peers and professors, who are openly celebrating and praising the terrorists' attacks, minimizing Jewish pain, and rejecting Israel’s right to defend itself and exist. Through awareness, education, and advocacy, we can work to ensure that every Jewish student has the right to have a college experience free from hate, fear, and alienation. Support Jewish students by sending an email to university administrators voicing your concern about rising antisemitism.

WJC NextGen supports and empowers Jewish students leaders in high school, university, and post-graduation who are making a difference in their communities today and to train them to be the changemakers of tomorrow.

The Student Activism Arm of the World Jewish Congress

The World Jewish Congress and Jewish on Campus have formed a key partnership to support students around the world and amplify Jewish voices.