World Jewish Congress welcomes UN special rapporteur’s action plan against antisemitism - World Jewish Congress

World Jewish Congress welcomes UN special rapporteur’s action plan against antisemitism

World Jewish Congress welcomes UN special rapporteur’s action plan against antisemitism

NEW YORK - The World Jewish Congress welcomes the action plan against antisemitism compiled by Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief, detailing measures to advance and implement the recommendations contained in his 2019 Report to the General Assembly.

The 2019 report was the first-ever UN report about the scourge of global antisemitism.

The latest eight-point plan seeks to help key stakeholders as they address the challenges of antisemitism around the world. It includes recommendations on how to react to antisemitic incidents, establish national structures, promote educational activities and monitor hate crimes. In addition, the plan contains a section on ensuring Jewish communities’ physical safety and ability to practice religion, as well as actions the United Nations and governments should take at the international level.

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, in response to the action plan, said: “The World Jewish Congress is extremely pleased with Dr. Shaheed’s recommendations for ‘Taking Action to Combat Antisemitism.’ With the surge of Jew-hatred around the world, it is important to mobilize all actors across the globe on a concrete path for action. Antisemitism is not just a Jewish issue; it is a phenomenon that threatens democracy, human rights and inclusive societies and must be combated by all. Dr. Shaheed tells governments how to do it.”

The report specifically urges governments to use the IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism as a non-legally binding educational and training tool and incorporate it into training and educational materials for officials such as police, prosecutors and judges, government employees, educators and those working for national human rights institutions.

The World Jewish Congress, together with the missions of Israel and Sweden to the UN in Geneva, are planning a June 28 event with Dr. Shaheed to present and discuss the action plan. Other prominent experts will also be in attendance.

The World Jewish Congress, which has worked closely with Dr. Shaheed during his UN mandate, facilitated high-level consultations on key issues in Budapest, together with the Jewish communities of Poland and Hungary. In addition, the WJC has collaborated with Dr. Shaheed on a range of issues that include combating antisemitism and conspiracy myths, online antisemitism, the importance of education, the role of the United Nations, WJC’s SECCA Forum, and a tribute at the conclusion of his mandate.

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