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Peace in our Schools

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Peace in our Schools

Peace in Our Schools is a project that enhances interfaith dialogue on the youth level through education. This unique program, led by Jewish and Muslim peacebuilders, introduces the ideas of peace and tolerance through lectures and workshops on emotions, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and interfaith dialogue. The project focuses on school children and young adults because in order to change the mindset of young people, it is vital to start teaching them about peace at a young age. 

Peace in Our Schools by the numbers: 

  • 500 students impacted 
  • 9 schools and universities visited across Georgia and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 20+ speakers from the United States, Georgia, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Israel
  • Led by a Jew and a Muslim, who work together to enhance cross-religious and cross-cultural dialogue