WJC-Jewish Diplomats meet key diplomats in London, call for end to bias against Israel in UN

12 Sep 2017
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LONDON - More than 20 members of the World Jewish Congress’ Jewish Diplomatic Corps met in London this week as part of the WJC Executive Committee’s annual meeting, hosted by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The WJC-Jewish Diplomats (JDs) met to discuss their ongoing efforts to work on behalf of and together with the 100 communities represented by the WJC, engaging in training and high-level discussions with representatives of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the embassies of Serbia, Germany and Israel, and Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron. The JDs also took part in the Board of Deputies-organized events in Parliament, and at the Board of Deputies President’s Dinner.

The key message to emerge from the discussion was need for countries to “call time” on the astonishing levels of bias against Israel at the United Nations (UN).

Those visiting the Foreign Office thanked officials for the UK's new principles on the issue, outlined by the UK's Ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council in March this year, who said that the UK was "putting the Human Rights Council on notice" about bias, saying the UK would vote against all resolutions condemning Israel if things did not change.

Meanwhile, the JDs meeting at the German and Serbian embassies called on those countries to follow the UK's lead.

The meetings covered a wide range of other topics including Palestinian incitement, antisemitism in Europe, Holocaust restitution, and a call for the UK to maintain and enhance its advocacy on global Jewish causes following Brexit.

Board of Deputies Senior Vice President Richard Verber, who led the delegation to the German Embassy, said:

"It makes a powerful statement when young Jewish leaders from around the World come together to make the case for Israel and other international Jewish issues.

"We hope that other countries will follow the UK's lead in 'putting the UN on notice' about the ridiculous bias seen there."

“The WJC and the Jewish Diplomatic Corps are working ardently and consistently to counter the bias of Israel in international organizations,” said Daniel Radomski, Head of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps.

“This effort is being conducted at the UN in New York and Geneva, as well as at embassies and government departments worldwide. As the WJC is the organization representing over 100 Jewish communities worldwide, we are working in close concert with our affiliate communities to proudly promote and advocate their interests. We are highly appreciative to the Board of Deputies for the joint diplomatic outreach that was implemented in London today, and see this as a natural step in our close collaboration."

Meeting at Foreign and Commonwealth Office


Meeting at the Embassy of Serbia in London


Meeting at the Israeli Embassy in London


Meeting at the German Embassy in London