IAJLJ to host annual conference in Rome on 'Controversial Multicuturalism'

09 Oct 2018
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The International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (IAJLJ), an affiliate of the World Jewish Congress, will be holding its annual conference this year in Rome, on the subject “Controversial Multiculturalism".

The 3-day conference, which will be held November 7-9, will examine this subject from the historical, legal, social and political aspects. The conference is open to lawyers and to the general public, and will feature a brief preview by Professor Amnon Rubinstein and Dr. Meital Pinto.

Click here for the Program and Registration forms. Participants are also welcome to take part at the tour being offered by the IAJLJ exploring the streets of Rome. For inquiries, please contact +972 9 7797645 or email: registration@dirigo-pro.com.