WJC @ UNHRC46: Combating Discrimination and Stigmatization - World Jewish Congress

WJC @ UNHRC46: Combating Discrimination and Stigmatization

Mr. Matija Sabadoš, member of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps (Czech Republic)

Thank you, Madam President. 

The World Jewish Congress condemns, and is committed to combating, all forms of discrimination and stigmatization of minorities, including, but not limited to one’s religious beliefs, political convictions, sexual orientation, skin colour and / or pigmentation. In this spirit, we wish to thank the Independent Expert on the work she has done over the past six years on combating discrimination and stigmatization of persons with albinism.  

Ms. Ero has established best practices in combatting hatred against persons with albinism, established the Global Alliance on Albinism and created guidelines for combatting discrimination, to name but a few, chartering a way forward in the global fight against prejudice, discrimination and hatred against persons with albinism. 

As Independent Expert Ero stresses in her report, certain documents such as the Guidelines on harmful practices related to accusations of witchcraft and ritual attacks, are still to be implemented. These guidelines, once adopted, should also serve as a blueprint for regulations across the globe. Particularly worrying is the scale of such attacks worldwide, as pointed out by the Independent Expert, as well as the fact that they are often directed at women, children, elderly and persons with disabilities. 

The World Jewish Congress supports the work of the Independent Expert on combatting discrimination against persons with albinism and will continue to support actions that aim to ensure the full enjoyment of human rights by all. 

Thank you. 

The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps is the flagship program of the World Jewish Congress, under the vision and leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. Members of the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps have delivered over 90 statements on behalf of the WJC over the past six years at the UNHRC.

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