World Jewish Congress praises Polish president for denouncing antisemitic newspaper

15 Mar 2019
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NEW YORK - World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder on Friday praised Polish President Andrzej Duda for his unequivocal condemnation of the antisemitic newspaper, Tylko Polska, which recently published a scurrilous article entitled ‘how to spot a Jew’.
"This was no time for equivocation. The Jewish world is gratified by the President Duda’s denunciation the Tylko Polska newspaper, which is a blot on Poland's democracy. Such publications have no place in its or any society. Tylko Polska is antisemitic and must either cease publication or change its course immediately. We can only hope that Polish legislation against incitement to racial hatred will be applied to the publishers of this scandalous hate sheet, which publishes content we have not seen since the Nazi Der Stürmer," Lauder said.

Tylko Polska is published by the extreme-nationalist propagandist Leszek Bubel who in 2005 was sentenced by a Polish court for publishing antisemitic statements in violation of the Polish penal code.