World Jewish Congress praises Chile for banning its municipalities from boycotting Israel

07 Dec 2018
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NEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress on Friday praised the Chilean government over its decision to ban municipalities across the country from boycotting Israel, in response to complaints filed by the Chilean Jewish Community, an affiliate of the WJC.
“The Chilean government has taken an important lead this week in standing up against the arbitrary anti-Israel bias and double standards taking hold across the international community, in ensuring that its municipalities do not subvert the standards of equal and fair treatment set forth by the federal government,” said WJC CEO Robert Singer.
“This is a victory not just for the Jewish community and the State of Israel, who have been awarded the protection they deserve, but for the very value of democratic law in Chile as a whole,” Singer added. “We applaud the Chilean Jewish Community, under the leadership of its President Shai Agosin, for spearheading this critical campaign in the name of justice and fairness, and we hope that it will serve as a clear guide for municipalities in other countries contending with the very same issue.”