World Jewish Congress applauds TikTok policy removing content perpetuating “hateful stereotypes”

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World Jewish Congress applauds TikTok policy removing content perpetuating “hateful stereotypes”

NEW YORK – Following the online platform TikTok’s announcement that it is augmenting their community guidelines to remove “misinformation and hateful stereotypes about Jewish, Muslim and other communities,” President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald S. Lauder commented:  

“I am pleased that TikTok is taking more concrete action about the spread of antisemitism and other hateful ideologies on its platform. Our younger generations are getting their knowledge and information from users on these platforms, and spend so much time on them, which further puts the onus on social media companies to protect their users from hate directed against them, and to ensure they are not being used to spread blatant misinformation.  

“As TikTok mentioned in its announcement, eliminating hate from TikTok ‘is a tall mountain to climb.’ I’m not sure we will ever reach the peak, but we must not rest on our way there. We look forward to learning more about these changes and to working with TikTok to ensure their proper implementation on the platform.” 

The World Jewish Congress has been in close communications with TikTok during the past months over viral antisemitic and Holocaust-mocking videos on the platform, and has urged the platform to take stronger steps to fight the spread of such content on the platform. 

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