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Update on the Situation in Israel: WJC's Stand and Actions

On the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, a day that marks joy and celebration, Israel was subjected to an unprovoked attack from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. This sudden assault resulted in hundreds of fatalities, countless injuries, and numerous hostages. This act of aggression against Israel's civilians occurred during a sacred time, catching many Israelis either en route to synagogues or resting with their families. The situation remains volatile, with Israel's northern and southern borders under threat.

Our United Stand: It's during these challenging times that the Jewish world must come together in solidarity. We stand united in our support for Israel and the brave men and women defending its borders and its people. As World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder stated, "The entire Jewish diaspora stands in unwavering support of Israel and its valiant security forces."

  • Sounding the Alarm: WJC is using its global platform to bring the Jewish world together to stand in solidarity with the citizens of the Jewish State. WJC is convening leaders of Jewish communities for a special meeting where the situation in Israel is discussed and an effective collective response by world Jewry is being organized.  
  • Standing with Israel on Social Media: WJC is creating a range of content for you to share that documents events on the ground and explains the true aims of Hamas and Palestinian terrorist groups. We will continue to share stories of determination and resilience as well as lend a face and name to the many victims of this tragedy. Check out the conversation and SHARE at WJC’s Instagram, X (Twitter), and Facebook pages.
  • Ongoing Leadership Briefings for Jewish Communities: We are holding briefings specifically intended for Jewish community leaders to provide real-time updates and answer any questions they might have and equip them with the tools to fight the ongoing information war unfolding      
  • Speaking Out at the United Nations: WJC’s Representative in Geneva called upon the diplomatic community at the United Nations Human Rights Council to hold a moment of silence and reflect on the tragic events unfolding in Israel. Watch our event with UNESCO and Meta.  
  • Engaging World Leaders and Cities: The WJC is actively reaching out to global leaders, urging them to denounce the attacks and stand in support of Israel. Landmarks around the world have been illuminated with Israeli flags thanks to the support of our affiliated communities. Learn more by clicking here.
  • WJC Elevate – Elevate members are mobilized to support Israel worldwide. Instantly, they created collaborative forums for rapid response, social media content, and resource/idea sharing. Our members, leaders within their Jewish communities and university campuses, have spearheaded powerful initiatives, outreach and advocacy actions, and sessions to promote Jewish Unity as part of the Jewish Leadership Bridge. They are writing op-eds in several languages, and letting their voices be heard around the world. Click here to learn more.
  • Evolving Fact Sheet: We're distributing a continuously updated fact sheet to Jewish communities worldwide. This document will provide accurate and timely information on the situation.  Read the fact sheet here.
  • Please donate to the World Jewish Congress, American Section. All funds will be used by WJC, as needs dictate, on behalf of the people and State of Israel.

Now more than ever, our unity and collective strength are vital. We urge you to stand with us, share accurate information, and support Israel during this critical time.

Thank you for your continued commitment to our shared values and goals. Together, we will persevere.