Shimon Peres announces his candidacy for Israeli presidency - World Jewish Congress

Shimon Peres announces his candidacy for Israeli presidency

30 May 2007

Israel’s deputy prime minister Shimon Peres has formally announced his candidacy for the Israeli presidency. After much thought, I have decided to acquiesce to the requests that I be a candidate for the state presidency," said Peres, adding that it was no secret that this was a difficult decision for him. “After all," he said. "I am not the youngest MK [member of the Knesset]. I decided to accept this position after numerous requests, first and foremost by the prime minister, MKs, and many others, who have asked me to give a contribution, and I must say perhaps my last contribution ... in service of the state," he continued.

Peres said one of his primary goals would be to "strengthen the political order and stability. The nation needs calm." He also proposed to work toward "national reconciliation, national equality and purity of ethics." The Nobel Peace Prize laureate and veteran Israeli politician said: "The president does not have a lot of powers, but he has the authority to do good deeds and to express enthusiastic faith.” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told Peres that "I promise you that until 13 June we will work all the time, without exhaustion, in order to ensure that the Knesset rises to the challenge."