Hungarian neo-Nazi group holds militia training exercise - World Jewish Congress

Hungarian neo-Nazi group holds militia training exercise

The Hungarian National Front (MNA), a self-professed Neo-Nazi organization, held a militia training near Gyor, in north-western Hungary earlier in the month, the newspaper 'Népszabadság' reports. MNA recruitment pamphlets seen by the paper urge anyone who is not "gay, Gypsy or Jew" to sign up to its militia training camps, promising an era of "blood and iron". The MNA plans to join forces with the Unified Hungary Movement and already has a pact with the Pax Hungarica Movement, whose leader was recently a speaker at a Holocaust-denial event, the paper said.

The far-right movements believe they can gain momentum from the economic crisis and domestic political uncertainty, it added. Anyone with access to the group's training camp was prohibited from taking in cellphones or any kind of visual or audio recording equipment, the paper said. MNA videos posted on the internet show several dozen young men in military uniforms and with flags and banners associated with Hungary's far-right. They are seen carrying weapons, among them hand-held missiles, though experts told the paper that was unclear whether the weapons were real or not.

Justice minister Tibor Draskovics said he had asked police chief József Bencze to investigate the group's activities.