Hungarian Jews join World Jewish Congress' We Remember campaign

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Hungarian Jews join World Jewish Congress' We Remember campaign

BUDAPEST - The Jewish Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities (MAZSIHISZ) and the Jewish Community of Budapest (BZSH) joined the World Jewish Congress’ We Remember campaign on Thursday, in a commemorative ceremony marking the liberation of the Budapest ghetto and ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day at the storied Dohány Street Synagogue. 

Hundreds of thousands of people in gathered in the synagogue as part of the event held We Remember signs in honor of the six million Jews killed in the Holocaust, and as a message that ongoing anti-Semitism and hatred must stop. The World Jewish Congress campaign will run through the end of the month of January, culminating with a live projection of all participant photos on the grounds of Auschwitz Birkenau.

On January 18, 1945, the ghetto in Budapest was liberated and Hungarian Jews have traditionally come together to remember the victims of the Dohany Synagogue and the soldiers of the liberating Red Army. Survivors, community leaders and members, rabbis, and representatives of different churches were in attendance, in addition to political delegations, representatives of the Hungarian government, and its social and civil organizations.

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