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Antisemitism Unleashed

Antisemitism Unleashed

The current outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas has led to a dramatic surge in antisemitism. Anti-Israel demonstrators have targeted synagogues and Jewish community centers, equating Jews generally with the Israeli military and seeking to blame Jews around the world for the latest Middle East violence. Simultaneously, there has been a surge of virulently antisemitic hate speech across social media. Posts on major platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, feature Holocaust imagery, conspiracy myths, and Nazi glorification. Many of these contain evocations such as “Hitler was right.”

This report provides an overview of some of the most blatant of such antisemitic phenomena. It should be noted that the listed examples are representative of a far greater volume of online hate speech, much of it glorifying and praising the Nazi German genocide of European Jewry during the Holocaust.

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Bibi antisemitism

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London antisemitism

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