Jewish Youth Assembly - World Jewish Congress

Learn about global Jewry. Engage in the issues facing Jewish communities today. Make your voice heard.

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The Jewish Youth Assembly (JYA) is a multi-day conference for students aged 15-18 to learn about Jewish communities around the world and discuss the most pressing issues facing the Jewish people today. Replicating the World Jewish Congress’s (WJC), structure, students at JYA gain an inside look into the WJC process and build techniques to problem-solve issues of concern to the Jewish community across the world. The conference allows students to collaboratively work to represent specific communities, conduct research on their history, learn about the issues the WJC is tackling, and speak directly to represented communities and expert leaders. This interactive experience culminates in crucial reports that serve as the collective voice of Jewish youth across the world in day-to-day deliberations of the World Jewish Congress.

What a student can expect

Gain an understanding of global Jewish communities

Meet topic experts and Jewish community leaders

Network with peers from countries around the world

Engage in detailed conversation on the future of the Jewish people

Learn from today’s top Jewish voices

Build your CV and prepare for your University experience

The Jewish Youth Assembly Breakdown

The Jewish Youth Assembly will take place virtually over two Sundays in February 2022. Both days will range from 3-5 hours in length. Each session introduces students to new information, allows participants to engage with community leaders and topic experts, or discuss pressing questions related to our Jewish future. In between sessions, students will have time to learn about other opportunities, network with their peers, and meet Jewish leaders from the World Jewish Congress network. In between the two Sundays, students will have opportunity to learn valuable skills related to public speaking, writing resolutions, and diplomacy.

Part 1

Session 1

A welcome to the Jewish Youth Assembly with the World Jewish Congress.

Session 2

Meet with your Jewish community delegation and hear from top Jewish leaders of your community.

Session 3

Introduction to your committee, learn about the issue at hand with topic exeperts.

Part 2

Weekday Session 1

Learn how to develop and draft resolutions

Weekday Session 2

Meet with public speaking experts

Weekday Session 3

Learn what diplomacy means in 2021

Part 3

Session 4

Meeting with your community delegation and bringing committee topics into the perspective of the Jewish communities.

Session 5

Reconvene with your committee and finalize your resolutions.

Session 6

Meeting of the full Jewish Youth Assembly, featuring plenary speakers, presentation of resolutons, and more.


JYA is open to individuals aged 15-18 years. Exception is available for those outside that age range but completing their last two years of high school/secondary school. Proficiency in English is necessary to participate.

Applications will close on Wednesday, 15 December 2021. All inquiries should be sent to