World Jewish Congress

Future Leadership

As the World Jewish Congress works each day to protect, defend, and ensure the betterment of Jewish communities across the globe, we recognize the importance of ensuring that the future of the Jewish people is safeguarded with trained leaders ready to confront future challenges.

To meet these needs, WJC President Ronald S. Lauder initiated the WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps and WJC NextGen. These two programs work with individuals, aged 16-45, work in symbiosis to develop, engage, and empower our Jewish communities’ future leaders.

By educating and providing them with the resources, networks, and opportunities to succeed we offer them outstanding opportunities and networking outlets to support their local communities and impact global Jewish interests through diplomacy, advocacy, and public policy for today and tomorrow.

WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps
The WJC Jewish Diplomatic Corps is the flagship program of the World Jewish Congress, under the vision and leadership of WJC President Ronald S. Lauder. Our objective is to represent and strengthen the Jewish communities, ensuring their strong voice in global affairs today - and for decades to come.
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WJC NextGen
The World Jewish Congress has launched its NextGen unit to support and empower the young leaders who are making a difference in their communities today and to train them to be the changemakers of tomorrow.
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