Combating Online Hate - World Jewish Congress

Combating Online Hate

A 21st Century Challenge for UN Member States

Calendar 29 September 2022

Start time 7:00 a.m. (New York) / 13:00 (Geneva) / 14:00 (Jerusalem)


Duration 60 minutes

The World Wide Web, having become a permanent attribute of modern society’s life, bears with it and translates into the digital space all the positives and negatives of societal interactions. However, it also contributes to the spread of hateful messages, which do not aid the development of peaceful societies, instead creating divisions, ruptures, and mistrust.

International organizations, governments and civil society organizations have understood the challenges that online hate could bear, normalizing prejudice and discrimination digitally as well as real dangers in the real world. The world as a global village, connected in the online sphere, must be also a safe and inclusive space. Governments and international organizations have the necessary means, expertise, and people’s support to make it happen.

This event will bring together relevant actors not only to show unity in the face of common threat, but also ingenuity, resourcefulness, and agility. UNESCO will present their newly released report during the event, as a case study into way hate spreads online