Mikhail Chlenov - World Jewish Congress

Mikhail Chlenov

Honorary Vice-President, WJC

Born in Moscow September 26, 1940. Graduated from Institute of Oriental languages of MSU named after M.V.Lomonosov, candidate of history, professor, academician of State Jewish academy named after Maimonid (Moscow) and Academy of history and culture of Jews in Ukraine named after Shimon Dubnov (Kiev), author of 150 scientific publications.

In mid-1970’s Mikhail Chlenov became one of founders of the so-called "culture-mongering direction" in the independent Jewish monument. Over last decade of Soviet power he was one of the leaders of the Jewish movement, underwent prosecutions by official authorities and KGB.

In 1989 – elected co-chairman of Council of Confederation of Jewish organizations and communities at the First congress of USSR Jews in Moscow. President of Federation of Jewish organizations and communities of Russia (Vaad) since 1992.

A member of Presidium of World Zionist organization, in 1998 – a member of Board of directors of "Sokhnut" Jewish agency.

In 2002 – elected Secretary General at the founding convention of Euro-Asian Jewish Congress in Moscow (Russia), a position he held until 2017.

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