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WJC @ UNHRC: Iranian human rights abuses

Representative delivering the statement: Mr. Sacha Elkaim  

Thank you, Madam President, 

The World Jewish Congress has always prioritized the defense and promotion of all human rights.

Sadly, we continue to witness a series of atrocities perpetrated by Iran against its own people. We were all shocked and saddened by the death sentence imposed on international wrestler Navid Afkari, who was hanged without a fair trial. The government ignored the calls by the international community to spare him. 

The horrific case of Navid Afkari is not isolated. Only in 2019, Iran executed 280 people and in the last decade, almost six thousand people were put to death, including at least 66 juveniles. Reports claim that another 80 minors are awaiting death in Iranian prisons under inhuman conditions and without proper legal representation.

As five Rapporteurs recently said: if the death penalty is a possible outcome “international law requires that it only be imposed after proceedings that meet the highest level of respect of fair trial and due process standards”. 

Iran mocks international human rights law by violating all the standards of a fair trial and continues to execute its citizens, including minors. The Iranian people looks to the Human Rights Council for help. This body cannot remain silent and needs to take concrete actions to stop this appalling reality and ensure that all Iranian citizens are afforded equality before the law. 

Thank you.

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