QAnon conspiracy on the rise with the spread of COVID-19 - World Jewish Congress

QAnon conspiracy on the rise with the spread of COVID-19

Two new reports released on Monday by the World Jewish Congress have found that harmful conspiracy myths targeting Jews have become increasingly widespread online, and that the once United States-centric QAnon movement has begun to take hold across Europe since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The reports, Antisemitic Conspiracy Myths and QAnon: A Conspiracy Myth, explain how misinformation campaigns in relation to the root and spread of the coronavirus have flourished on social media, with tech companies struggling to appropriately address the issues.

“COVID-19 is not the only disease that has spread widely across the globe this year,” said World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder. “Conspiracies surrounding false child abuse scandals or assumptions that Jews are to blame for the creation and spread of COVID-19 are not only spreading hatred and contempt, but putting far more lives in danger. Although there will one day be a vaccine for the coronavirus, there is no vaccine for hatred. We must continue to educate others on the dangers of conspiracy myths so that truth can prevail.” 

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