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Dive into the dynamic world of international Jewry as we explore the core issues facing the Jewish people today. The World Jewish Congress-Israel is proud to present its newest venture: a platform for insightful discussion and critical analysis. Join Efrat Sopher, a London-based WJC activist , as she sits with distinguished guests to tackle compelling issues on the Jewish agenda such as the struggle against antisemitism, the challenge of maintaining Jewish identity, and interfaith dialogue, as well as to celebrate Jewish lives and traditions around the world.

Latest Episodes

1 February 2024 • 56 Minutes
Public Diplomacy: Empowering the Information Domain
New media channels shape public opinion on Israel, more so in times of war. Gadi Ezra, former director of the National Public Diplomacy Unit of the Prime Minister's Office, walks us through these troubled waters and explains what Diaspora Jews and others can do to help.
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5 March 2023 • 47 Minutes
Antisemitism in Sport in the Shadow of the Munich Massacre
Sports mirror human society, and unfortunately, both are tainted by bigotry and prejudice. In the first episode of our podcast, we delve into the topic of hatred in sports with renowned sports journalist Jeremy Schaap and Daniel Lörcher, who serves as Dortmund's Special Envoy for Combating Discrimination. Our discussion ranges from instances of Jew-hatred exhibited by soccer fans with antisemitic beliefs to the tragic events of the Munich Olympics massacre, which inspired Jeremy Schaap's documentary on one of the survivors.
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3 May 2023 • 40 Minutes
Lesson from life: Antisemitism on Campuses
One of the main challenges facing Jewish students around the world is actually an age-old problem that rears its head in every generation: Antisemitism. Today we are going to hear from Yana Naftalieva, president of the World Union of Jewish Students, about how Jewish students are targeted and what we can do to help them defend themselves. We will also hear from Professor Gerald Steinberg, founding president of NGO Monitor, about the roots of this phenomenon and how the flagrant attacks on Zionism and the Jewish State on campuses are really aimed at Jews.
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27 June 2023 • 25 Minutes
Are All Jews Still Responsible for One Another?
We can find Jews and Jewish communities in almost every corner of the world, but is the ancient phrase Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Bazeh still relevant? We'll discuss its modern meaning with Heroes for Life founder Gili Cohen and WJC-Israel Chairperson Hadassa Getsztain.
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6 November 2023 • 57 Minutes
Remembering the Holocaust in the Digital Age
We delve into the challenges and opportunities of preserving Holocaust memory created in the digital era. Tune in to a discussion with Holocaust survivor and activist Ambassador Colette Avital and media relations expert Yaniv Rosenberg about how we remember and honor this uniquely horrific historic event.
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6 November 2023 • 69 Minutes
The Eco-Conscious Side of Judaism
Join us as we dive into the intersection of Jewish heritage and environmental consciousness. Prof. Alon Tal tells us about the Jewish values influencing Israel's climate change response, while Prof. Lior Herman discusses the sustainability of "Kosher electricity".
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6 November 2023 • 58 Minutes
Reclaiming Identity and Battling Antisemitism
Exploring the complexities of Jewish identity, the impact of antisemitism, and the transformative power of our people’s pride. A conversation with author and founder of the Jewish Pride movement, Ben M. Freeman.
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10 December 2023 • 58 Minutes
WJC Crisis Management in the Wake of October 7
The horrific October 7 Hamas attack struck Israel but also affected Jewish communities around the world. In this episode, we talk with Ernest Herzog, WJC’s Executive Director of Operations. Ernest is also the organization's designated crisis manager and was charged with quickly deploying the entire organization to deal with the aftermath of the attack.
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26 January 2024 • 59 Minutes
The Battle for International Justice for Israel
The International Court of Justice is another front in which Israel is forced to fight the "Swords of Iron" war, following genocide allegations by South Africa. Join us as we explore the world of the international juridical system with barrister Natasha Hausdorff of UK Lawyers for Israel. The views and opinions expressed by the individuals in this podcast are solely their own and do not represent the official policy or position of the World Jewish Congress.
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