Pledge Against Antisemitism - World Jewish Congress

Combatting antisemitism across the globe

The International fight against antisemitism

For many years, we have been witnessing a dramatic rise in antisemitism. Virtually every opinion poll and study conducted over the last few years have painted a dark picture of the increase in antisemitic sentiments and perceptions: Jews across the world feel threatened. As United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres observed, antisemitism “is on the rise in all parts of the world.”

It is crucial to understand that while hateful discourse may begin with the Jews it will surely expand to other members of society and threatens the basic fabric of modern democracies, rule of law and the protection of human rights. Age-old antisemitic tropes are being repackaged for the modern era. Antisemitism continues to manifest.   

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, ancient antisemitic libels have been reawakened, coupled with conspiracy myths and religious intolerance. Consequently, Jews worldwide have become increasingly afraid to express their identity or practice their religion freely amid fear that violence may be directed towards them; yet living free from fear and persecution is a fundamental human right. 

Antisemitism is an issue that crosses borders, continents, and time. Properly addressing it therefore requires a holistic approach involving a multi-prong response that needs the involvement of the United Nations and parliaments across the world. Hateful discourse that is directed at the Jewish people can escalate easily, posing a threat to democratic values, peace and stability in societies across the world. 

As such we are inviting countries to submit a video or written pledge outlining concrete step to enhance the UN’s efforts in combating antisemitism as a cross cutting human rights issue.

Pledge to fight antisemitism