WJC President Ronald S. Lauder Thanks President Biden, Republican And Democratic Members Of Congress For Steadfast Support In A Profound Crisis - World Jewish Congress

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder Thanks President Biden, Republican And Democratic Members Of Congress For Steadfast Support In A Profound Crisis

Lauder Notes President’s ‘Moral Clarity’ and Bipartisan Strength in Congress

Ronald S. Lauder
Ronald S. Lauder
President, World Jewish Congress
WJC President Ronald S. Lauder Thanks President Biden, Republican And Democratic Members Of Congress For Steadfast Support In A Profound Crisis

Calls for Jews, Americans To Place ‘Political and Personal Differences Aside’ and ‘Stand Together in Unity’ In Full-Page Ads in Nation’s Two Main Papers

NEW YORK – Today, World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder took to the pages of The New York Times and The Washington Post and in two full-page advertisements, thanked President Biden and congressional leadership of both political parties for their support.

The Biden administration and Republican and Democratic leaders alike have stood strong in support of Israel and the Jewish people in the eight days since Hamas terrorists launched waves of horrifying attacks into Israel which resulted in the murder of over 1,300 Jews hundreds more, including Americans, injured and kidnapped.

Amb. Lauder appreciates the president’s strength and moral clarity in his speeches and activity, and praises Congress for quickly mobilizing around Iron Dome funding and for issuing messages and acts of solidarity. Amb. Lauder notes that a sliver of political leaders have chosen to cast their lot with Israel’s attackers, and that Jews see them clearly for who they are.              

In his open letter, Amb. Lauder, a global statesman for the Jewish people praises Israel’s emergency unity government, formed this week to bring the country together as it enters a long and uncertain period, and calls on Jews, and Americans more widely, to similarly cast aside personal and political differences at this time for the sake of the future of the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.  

The full-page messages appeared in the front sections of The New York Times and The Washington Post on Sunday, October 15, 2023. 

Full text of the open letters can be seen here: 


As President of the World Jewish Congress, and on behalf of millions of Jews across the United States and throughout the Diaspora, I want to thank you for your steadfast support in this moment of profound crisis for Israel. These traumatic events have shaken the Jewish world to its core. Each day brings new horrors, carried out by a terror organization bereft of humanity. 

We are also grateful to every Republican and Democratic Member of Congress who stood up for Israel through Iron Dome funding support, and via acts of solidarity and resolve. This crisis has forced a clarification of where every leader stands. It is encouraging that the vast majority are squarely in support of the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland in its darkest hour in decades. 

And, I say, those who have equivocated, stayed on the sidelines, or cast their lot with terrorists, we see you for who you are. 

Mr. President, your moral clarity in the historic and defining speeches you delivered from the White House, and your decisiveness in mandating the United States stands not just with the State of Israel, but with the Jewish people, spoke to a depth of understanding few presidents have ever expressed. The world sees that unequivocal support for the security of Israelis and unambiguous condemnation of terrorism is not a political stance; it is a bedrock of U.S. global leadership. And, along with supportive Republicans and Democrats in Congress and in state capitols and major cities across America, this has ensured that our allies, especially in Europe, follow your lead. 

Leaders in Israel have put their political and personal differences aside to form an emergency unity government. This is a significant step, the intent of which must be replicated here. Whether conservative or progressive, Orthodox or secular, it is imperative to shed those distinctions and stand together in unity. It is not lost in this moment that, to quote President Lincoln, a house divided cannot stand. We have not been in danger of such a fall in over eighty years. 

We are comforted that, as Commander in Chief, you and leaders of every political persuasion have made a lasting commitment to the security and safety needs of Israel, whatever they may be, and for as long as it takes, as the Jewish state fights to protect itself at all costs. 


Ronald S. Lauder


The World Jewish Congress

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