Austrian Parliament unanimously votes to outlaw Hezbollah - World Jewish Congress

Austrian Parliament unanimously votes to outlaw Hezbollah

Austrian Parliament unanimously votes to outlaw Hezbollah

NEW YORK – On May 29, the Austrian Parliament passed a resolution to “take appropriate and effective measures to act decisively against the terrorist and criminal activities of Hezbollah and its supporters in Austria.” The World Jewish Congress welcomes the Austrian parliament’s decision to take effective action against the terrorist organization Hezbollah and to “encourage a reassessment of how Hezbollah should be dealt with within the European Union.” 

The Members of Parliament who entered the motion for the resolution underscored Austria’s responsibility toward the State of Israel, asserting that “the right of Israel to exist may not be called into question.” The resolution urges the Austrian government to work to prevent Hezbollah’s financing  through money laundering activities. 

WJC President Ronald S. Lauder, former U.S. Ambassador to Austria, praised the decision: 

“The Austrian Parliament’s resolution is a testament to Austria’s steadfast commitment to the State of Israel. The motion demonstrates Austria's awareness of the true danger that Iran and its proxy Hezbollah pose to the security of all citizens, first and foremost to our global Jewish communities who are far too often thrust onto the front lines as the premier target of terrorist entities. The World Jewish Congress urges the European Union to take strong heed of Austria’s unequivocal demand to reassess its approach to Hezbollah and its accomplices, who are operating on every continent, including on European soil, with no regard or respect for the laws of the land.

“Hezbollah is one of the worst terrorist organizations in the world. I will continue to reiterate this point until every country and international body across the globe internalizes that this is not a legitimate political entity, but rather a self-avowed fanatical organization operating at the behest of the world’s greatest state sponsor of terror, Iran.

“This is not hyperbole, nor subjective opinion. Iran and its spiritual leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, have made unambiguously clear their intention to wipe Israel off the map since the regime’s inception, and have continued to do so publicly as recently as this week.”