WATCH: The world is full of Holocaust deniers - World Jewish Congress

WATCH: The world is full of Holocaust deniers

WATCH: The world is full of Holocaust deniers

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The world is full of Holocaust deniers. Even though many survivors, witnesses to the horrors of one of the worst crimes in history, are still alive.

At this very moment, thousands of people around the world are watching Holocaust denial videos. 21 million views and counting. No more lies and slander! This is what really happened. 

The World Jewish Congress and its Latin American affiliate, the Latin American Jewish Congress, have teamed up to create a new website dedicated to monitoring videos online that deny and or trivialize the Holocaust:

All of the videos are compiled and entered into a program that reads the number of reproductions (views) each of them gets and saves this in a database. The software runs periodically and systematically and therefore the number of views that appears on the screen is measured almost in real time. currently monitors reproductions on the YouTube and Vimeo platforms. If you have found a video that denies and/or trivializes the holocaust on either of these sites, please click here and send it to the moderators to add it to the database.