Venezuelan lawmaker: 'Zionists bankrolled Hitler' - World Jewish Congress

Venezuelan lawmaker: 'Zionists bankrolled Hitler'

Venezuelan lawmaker: 'Zionists bankrolled Hitler'

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A lawmaker of Venezuela's governing party recently told Lebanese television that Zionists had bankrolled Hitler prior to World War II and suggested that “no representatives of global Zionism” had been killed during the Nazi Holocaust for that reason.

Speaking in Arabic, Adel El Zabayar, a member of Venezuela’s National Assembly born to Syrian parents, earlier this month told the Hezbollah-sponsored ‘Al-Manar’ television channel:

“In order to understand what is happening today in the Middle East and what happened in the world during World Wars I and II, we must examine the original Zionist conspiracy. If we look into who financed Hitler before World War II, we will see that the main financiers were the Zionists — the Bush family, in fact. The Bush family made its fortune as a result of what happened in World War II. The goal was to destroy Europe in order to impose the American economy and the dollar currency on it.

"If you study the history of the killing of the Jews in Europe, you find that Hitler killed those Jews who belonged to progressive organizations. You will not find on those lists any representatives of global Zionism.” [Translated by MEMRI]

On his Twitter page, El Zabayar this week called Zionism “the most dangerous terrorist movement in the world.”

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