Shana Tova from WJC President Ronald S. Lauder - World Jewish Congress

Shana Tova from WJC President Ronald S. Lauder

Shana Tova from WJC President Ronald S. Lauder

Rosh HaShanna, 5783

Dear Friends,

As we usher in the New Year 5783, we will do what Jews have always done: look to the future with hope, but also remember the past and try to learn from it.

This year, we will be celebrating the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people, for which we yearned for almost 2,000 years. We will also mark the 80th anniversary of the revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto, which took place in the spring of 1943 and constituted one of the most heroic and inspiring chapters in Jewish history.

Both are a testament to the resilience and strength of the Jewish people, evidence of which we see daily in our affiliated Jewish communities around the world. As President of the World Jewish Congress, this makes me particularly proud.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you and your families a year of good health and happiness, peace and tranquility.

It is customary to partake of a new fruit on Rosh Hashanah, and in the spirit of that tradition, I wish you a sweet year of new beginnings, of growth and renewal: Shana Tova Umetukah!

Ronald S. Lauder


World Jewish Congress