Protests in New York against Iranian president

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Protests in New York against Iranian president

November 10, 2005

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel, former US ambassador Richard Holbrooke and more than a dozen other civic and religious leaders have taken part in a demonstration before Iran's mission to the United Nations in New York to denounce the Iranian president's call to "wipe Israel off the map." Speaking to a crowd of several hundred people on the 67th anniversary of the Nazi's "Kristallnacht", Wiesel said: "When a leader of a nation violates all standards of morality and decency by announcing to the whole world his wish to see a nation member of the international community wiped off the map, our immediate response cannot be anything but anger and outrage." Holbrooke added: “When a leader of a country says something as outrageous and as vile as what his been said by the Iranian president – or by Hitler – we must take notice and we must tell them that he and his government must retract it, and they must apologize."


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