NOA Project | Channeling the power of Jewish culture in Barcelona - World Jewish Congress

NOA Project | Channeling the power of Jewish culture in Barcelona

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Networks Overcoming Antisemitism (NOA),  a unique coalition of major Jewish organizations including the World Jewish Congress, is currently featuring on its website the work of Mozaika, a Barcelona-based Jewish cultural initiative that has expanded its focus to bring together people of different faiths and backgrounds to break down barriers and combat xenophobic hatred.

The NOA project itself aims to tackle rising antisemitism in Europe through a variety of means, including the showcasing of social justice work spearheaded and implemented by European Jewish activists.

Mozaika initially began as a Jewish magazine that aimed to popularize and preserve Jewish culture and history. In its expansion from publication to broad-based cultural organization, it has launched critical intiatives, such ”Salam Shalom Barcelona”, with the goal of eradicating the myth of Jewish-Muslim enmity, highlighting the commonalities of the two faiths, and demonstrating efforts toward coexistence and understanding within general society.

“There are many challenges we have as Jews in Europe today. The ability to work together, regardless of religious denomination, is fundamental," said Mozaika co-founder Victor Sorensen.,

Mozaika also runs several initiatives that encourage Jews to embracre and express their heritage and identity. “Toldot Barcelona,” is one such initiative, which offers a walking tour of significant Jewish landmarks in Barcelona.

“If you keep your identity private and hidden, it’s like it doesn't exist," said  Mozaika co-founder Manu Valentin. "We are not ashamed to be Jewish.”

To nominate a project for the NOA website, click here.

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