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Nine-year-old prodigy wants to study in Israel

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Nine-year-old prodigy wants to study in Israel

Nine-year-old Laurent Simmons of Belgium, the world’s youngest student to earn an undergraduate degree, told the Israeli Embassy in Brussels that he would like to continue his advanced education in Israel. The young scientist is interested in biotechnology, medicine, and bioengineering, and hopes to design prosthetic organs when he grows up. 

Simmons’ parents met with Israeli Ambassador Emmanuel Nahshon last week to discuss the range of possibilities available to their son. Ambassador Nahshon told the family that he would deliver the message of his desire to study in Israel to the universities in Israel. 

"It is a source of pride that this child has chosen to study in Israel," Ambassador Nahshon said. "It shows he is not only a genius but also really smart."
Prestigious universities around the world have aggressively attempted to recruit Simmon, according to the New York Post. 

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