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Iranian official says Hitler was a founder of Israel

02 January 2006

A senior advisor to Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has claimed in an interview with the Iranian website "Baztab" that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's parents were both Jewish and that Hitler himself was one of the founders of the State of Israel, according to the translation of a report published by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Mohammad-Ali Ramin told "Baztab" that Hitler's paternal grandmother was a Jewish prostitute and his father even kept his Jewish name until finally changing it to Hitler when he was 40. Ramin also claimed that the reason Hitler developed such an aversion to Judaism was because his Jewish mother was a promiscuous woman. Hitler therefore, says Ramin, tried to escape his religion. Ramin cites a 1974 book by Hennecke Kardel titled "Adolf Hitler: Founder of Israel", which alleges that Hitler strived to create a Jewish state as a result of being influenced by his Jewish relatives and his cooperation with Britain - which also wanted to drive the Jews out of Europe. Ramin claims in the interview that Hitler both identified with his Judaism and was disgusted by it. It is these ambivalent feelings, Ramin claims, that formed the basis for his treatment of Jews. According to the Iranian official, on the one hand Hitler's relatives and the friends who brought him to power, as well as his mistresses and personal physician, were all Jewish. On the other hand he welcomed the expulsion of ambitious and influential Jews from Europe to Palestine.

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