A Celebration of Jewish Life in Sweden - World Jewish Congress

A Celebration of Jewish Life in Sweden

Calendar 12 October 2021

Start time 09:00 (New York) / 15:00 (Brussels) / 16:00 (Jerusalem)

Hosted by the World Jewish Congress, the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities and the Jewish community of Malmö.

A celebration of Jewish life in Sweden will take place at 9 a.m. EDT, Tuesday, Oct. 12, at the Malmö Synagogue.

The event—a showcase of the history, vibrancy and resilience of Sweden’s Jewish community—will feature remarks by World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder and Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven along with Jewish communal leaders. Speakers will address measures to counteract hatred and antisemitism on the local and national levels.

Swedish leadership has already publicly committed to devoting resources to democracy-strengthening initiatives in schools, public education and other education for adults, with the aim of counteracting antisemitism and other forms of racism. At the end of March 2022, the country will assume the presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and has pledged to open the Swedish Museum of the Holocaust by July 2022.  

The band Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye, whose members are from Malmö, will perform at the synagogue event.

Members of the media who wish to attend the event in-person must RSVP by emailing Alyson Malinger at amalinger@westendstrategy.com. Additional instructions will then be disseminated.