Yaron Nadbornik - World Jewish Congress

Yaron Nadbornik

WJC Vice-President (Finland), President, Central Council of Finnish Jewish Communities

Yaron Nadbornik is currently the President of the Central Council of Finnish Jewish Communities and of the Helsinki Jewish Community (since 2010).

Yaron is currently a member of the European Jewish Congress Executive representing Finland.In recent years he has taken a strong interest in inter-religious dialogue and has served as president of the National Forum for Cooperation of Religions in Finland (CORE) (2013-2015 & 2019-2021) and is also a member of the Finnish Religious Leaders President’s Council.

Education is close to his heart, and during his time as President of his community, the Jewish school of Helsinki has taken big strides of improvement, possibly some of the most significant ones in its 100 year history. In recent years, it has been accepted as part of the ground breaking program Educating For Impact (EFI), which aims to make Jewish Schools not only excellent schools, but excellent Jewish schools. Further in the field of Education, Yaron was a member of the City of Helsinki’s Board of Education (2015-2017) and is currently running for the Helsinki City Council in the 2021 municipal elections.Yaron holds a master’s degree in Supply Chain Management and in working life is Vice-President for the largest Finnish real estate management corporation.