Esther Mor - World Jewish Congress

Esther Mor

WJC Vice-President (WIZO)
Honorary President, Women's International Zionist Organization

Born:                    Peshawar (Pakistan) of Russian parentage
Family Status:       Married, three children, 8 grandchildren.
Resided in India, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Switzerland, Belgium, the US, and, since 1980, in Israel.    

Education and Skills

1959-1963        B.A. degree in Art and Literature, St. Xavier's University, Bombay
                       Taught bible studies for 5 years in Habonim Youth Movement, Bombay

1975-1978        Fashion and Jewelry Design Academy, Italy
1965-1972        Hasbara for the Jewish community in Kobe, Japan
2008-2016        Initiated new WIZO annual fundraising campaigns as well as ongoing campaigns: Pesach, Rosh Hashana, Bar Bat Mitzva, Sponsor a Youth, Heritage Trip to Poland, and Sponsor a Child

Languages       English, Hebrew, Italian, Bukhari (Persian), French, Japanese, Hindustani, Urdu, understand Spanish. Studying  Chinese.

Volunteer Work

1981-2016        WIZO Israel member WIZO Savion-fundraising committee member, graduate of management skills workshop, WIZO Savion Executive, Opened young WIZO
2000                Joined World WIZO Fundraising Division

1983-2016         I.W.C.-International Women’s Club (Israeli + diplomatic spouses)  
1984-1992         Chairperson of Health and Culinary Arts
2001                 Published International Cookbook for IWC with Culinary Art Committee
2002                 Assisted in the design of Woman of Valor WIZO Pin and
                        Designed past president's pin and WIZO's new membership pin
2000-2004         Treasurer IWC first term
2005-2006         Vice President IWC
2006-2008         President IWC
2015-2018         Treasurer IWC second term
2003-2013         Founded and Chaired Friends of WIZO in Israel
2001-Present     WIZO Fundraising Division
2002-2008         Deputy Chair World WIZO Fundraising Division
2008                 Designed WIZO Chai and Sponsor a Child Diamond Pin
2008-present     Chairperson World WIZO Fundraising Division
2010                 As Chair of Friends of WIZO, partnered with WIZO Israel to host National Bar/Bat Mitzvah of 600 children and their parents in Jerusalem at the Kotel
2012                 Designed World WIZO Women's council pin, WIZO men's pin
2014                 Designed Sponsor a Youth Pin
2016                 Elected President World WIZO
2020                 Re-elected for a second 4 year term as President of World WIZO

WIZO Missions Abroad

2000-2008         Private missions for WIZO to Italy, Hong Kong, and China
2008-present     Italy-Rome, Milano; Switzerland-Zurich, Berne USA- Miami, L.A., N.Y., Argentina
Working on opening up new WIZO federations and supporting affiliates: Hong Kong, Serbia, Shanghai, Bangkok