Boris Mints

WJC Vice President

Boris Mints is a Russian businessman, philanthropist, committed supporter of cultural and social projects. In 1980 Mr. Mints graduated from Physical Faculty of Ivanovo State University with specialization in theoretical physics. He is married to Marina Mints who is also a graduate of Ivanovo State University. Boris and Marina have three sons and a daughter.

Currently Boris Mints is the Chairman of the Council of Patrons of The Conference of European Rabbis (CER), which is the primary Orthodox rabbinical alliance in Europe. CER unites more than 700 religious leaders of the mainstream synagogue communities. The CER is called to protect the religious rights of Jews in Europe and has always been the expert address for European Jewish communities and rabbis for support in the facilitation of their religious functions, recruitment of rabbis and educators, and other issues. Mr. Mints is also a President and Founder of The Boris Mints Institute, which is based on The Gershon H. Gordon Faculty of Social Sciences in Tel Aviv University, and honorary Professor of Tel Aviv University.

In 2016, Boris Mints has expanded his family philanthropic contribution by creation of The Mints Family Charitable Foundation (Foundation). The aim and guiding principles of this Foundation are to provide support to non-profit organizations and classes of individuals in the spheres of education, fundamental knowledge and science, arts, culture, medicine and Jewish heritage. Educational and charitable project for publishing Talmud in the Russian language was initiated by Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt with Jewish Education and Publishing Trust in collaboration with the Mints Family Charitable with a view to enlighten the general public with the Talmud. The Babylonian Talmud is the cornerstone of Orthodox Judaism. The top Russian-speaking experts in the field, ensuring the accuracy of translation of these sacred texts, perform the work.

Being an art collector Boris Mints established a Museum of Russian Impressionism in Moscow in 2014. The permanent exposition is based on more than 70 artworks of notable Russian artists. The museum was included as a member of the prestigious International Council of Museums (ICOM). Mr. Mints is also is a winner of the Prize named after Yekaterina Romanovna Dashkova in the “Philanthropist” category and the first person to be given the Miloserdiye Award for commitment to humanitarian values.