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Andrey Adamovsky

Chairman, Vaad of Ukraine

Andrey Adamovsky born 01.03.1962 in Frunze Kirgizian SSR.

1969 - 1979  – studied in Frunze secondary school.

1979 - 1984  – State Kyrgyzian University, study of “Applied Mathematics”.

1984 - 1989 worked as an engineer, senior teacher, on a faculty of programming of the Kirgiz State University.

1990 – 1995 arrived in Moscow. Worked as general director of “Acacias”.

1995 - 2011 the general director of  Reeferway LTD steel trading company.
1995-2005 – the founder and main shareholder of  FARLEP telecommunication company with more then 200 000 clients. The company was sold to SCM in 2005.

2003-2006 - shareholder and board member of Industrial Union of Donbass Corporation which shares were sold in 2006.

2002-2009 - the founder and main shareholder of VikOil company.

Since 2007 deal with real estate business in Ukraine, in particular the development of shopping malls (the main shareholder and member of Supervisory Board), more specifically:

Since 2005  - in telecommunication business is the main shareholder and member of Supervisory Board of  Infomir and Loko Digital

Since 2009 is the founder of M17 – Contemporary Art Centre (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Since November 2014 Mr. Adamovsky is Co-President of Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities (Vaad) of Ukraine

Mr. Adamovsky is the member of the Board of governors of Hillel FSU, the biggest Jews students’ organization in the world and the vice-president of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine.

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